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If you're interested in humanely raised, wholesome,
antibiotic/hormone/chemical free, grass fed meat and eggs
you've come to the right place!  We pride ourselves on giving our
animals the best life we can, raising them on pasture (with
shelter) as nature intended.

What's new?

Wow!!  Where has this year gone?  The farm has kept us so busy
this year!  There have been so many projects/maintance things
that could not wait that we have not had a chance to get our milk
house built.  Because of that we do not yet have our herd share
program up and running yet, but it's still coming!

We just could not keep up with demand this year, it's great how
many people are becoming concerned with where their food
comes from.  We are already making plans for next year on
raising more animals to try to keep up.  Please be patient and
understand that it takes time for us to raise this wonderful food.  
It helps immensely when you can plan ahead and order your
meat early, we're currently taking orders for 2015 on all products.

We are excited to announce that we have secured NON - GMO
grains, this means that all the feed that we give to our pigs,
chickens, and turkeys is non - GMO, we think that's pretty cool!

We are currently accepting orders for 2015.

We are now able to accept credit card and Paypal payments*
*convenience fees apply

Thanks for looking and God Bless!!

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Mission Statement

.The Mission of Six S Dairy  is to promote the financial, emotional, and spiritual
well being of family.  The farm will be a teacher of honesty, hard work,
responsibility and the true meaning of family, where generations can escape
the noise of today’s culture, spend time together and rejoice in all the LORD
has provided.
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